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Top 10 Ways CertCentral Makes Healthcare Trainings More Efficient

Top 10 Ways CertCentral Makes Healthcare Trainings More Efficient

Importance of Training in Healthcare

Advancement in the field of medicine and the rise of integrated healthcare has led to an increased level of training activities among health professionals. Not only do healthcare professionals need to complete continuing education credits to maintain their certifications, but healthcare professionals also need to be trained on how best to handle electronic protected health information, new interventions, new standards of organizational practices, and so much more.

These healthcare trainings are conducted in all forms of clinical care– from family practice, to primary care, to behavioral health (SAMSHA-HRSA Center for Integrated Healthcare Solutions, n.d.).  As the importance of healthcare trainings increases, there is an increased need to make these trainings more accessible anytime, anywhere.


Healthcare Training Solutions

How can one make these healthcare training solutions available anytime, anywhere? Easy! Create online healthcare training courses that are provided by a learning management system that can securely host confidential healthcare multimedia training materials. CertCentral is one learning management system that is geared toward continuing medical education trainings and other healthcare training activities.

This online training platform can be utilized for blended learning purposes, as an assessment tool after in-person seminars, or can be used as a solely distance-learning platform. The flexibility of CertCentral’s platform to meet your training needs is one of the many ways in which this LMS can help your healthcare trainings become more efficient for your specific organizational needs.

Below you will find a list of 10 ways in which CertCentral makes healthcare trainings more efficient. We hope these information points can help you in making a decision to switch your healthcare training courses to an online platform.


10 Ways CertCentral Makes Healthcare Trainings More Efficient


1. Online Healthcare Trainings Save Costs on Training Materials

Do you conduct annual trainings in your healthcare organization that require updated print-versions of training materials every year to be delivered to healthcare professional staff? Save money by providing digitized versions of educational materials on an online learning management system (ljaz, 2019). Materials can be easily revised and redistributed annually for healthcare professionals to easily download and print, or access digitally on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices.


2. Online Healthcare Trainings Reach a Wider Audience

Looking to create an online healthcare training that can be distributed within your hospital or clinic as well as distributed to other healthcare organizations?  Now you can easily send off your healthcare training anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. Train healthcare professional staff regardless of practicing institution and maximize access to your educational program at the fraction of the cost it would take to provide the same service in person.  


3. Easily Create Healthcare Trainings Tailored to Different Specialties

Need to train all departments on patient safety protocols, but don’t want to hold one big general training session that can’t fully speak to each department’s responsibilities at length? Now, you do not have to! CertCentral makes it easier than ever to duplicate trainings and revise content so that each department only has to be exposed to the pertinent training materials for their roles in your organization. Send out the trainings to each department instantly. Healthcare training courses can be completed on smartphone, tablet, or laptop devices.


4. Deliver Continuing Medical Education Credits Fast with Online Healthcare Training Courses.

Rather than manually distribute certificates to each learner who completes continuing education courses, have an online learning platform automatically generate and deliver certificates to learners! These certificates can include information awarding continuing education credit for the course and can be delivered only to those who meet and exceed minimum passing score requirements.


5. Track Learner Progress in Online Healthcare Trainings   

A learning management system makes it easier than ever to track how far along healthcare professionals are in completing their online healthcare courses. Track percentage of video watched, certificates earned, modules completed, courses completed, courses not started, and so much more in student profiles.


6. Send Notifications to Learners to Complete Online Healthcare Trainings

Ensure healthcare professionals meet their deadlines by sending out email notifications as reminders for learners to complete necessary trainings. Deliver these emails quickly via a learning management system that hosts pertinent online healthcare courses.


7. Complete Online Healthcare Trainings From Anywhere

Gone are the days of scheduling in-person trainings that take time away from healthcare professionals’s busy caseloads. Now, schedule online trainings that can be completed from anywhere at a time that is most convenient for learners. These online healthcare courses can be completed anytime, anywhere on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices as long as one has a WiFi connection.


8. Send Out Healthcare Training Course Evaluations

Meet accrediting body requirements by sending out automated course evaluation surveys for continuing medical education programs.  Receive feedback from learners to enhance the quality of your programs for future learning populations.


9. Track Certificates for Healthcare Trainings

CertCentral makes it easier than ever to track certificates issued to healthcare professionals. In student profiles, download copies of certificates for easy record keeping. Add student-specific data such as license numbers to certificates seamlessly to be automatically generated and sent to learners (Tim, 2018). This saves time and resources otherwise spent on manually creating each unique certificate to be manually sent to each individual student.


10. Online Healthcare Trainings are Easily Scalable

If you place your online healthcare courses on a learning management system, you can more easily scale your trainings as your healthcare professional learner audience grows. Create trainings that you can market to the public and award varying continuing medical education courses seamlessly. Choose a cloud-powered learning management system so that you can upgrade plans to allow for more active users per month without losing any of your training materials.





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