The University LMS for Continuing Education.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The easy-to-use cloud-based university LMS for continuing education certificate programs.

The LMS That Streamlines Continuing Education for Universities

Support large-scale eLearning and distance learning programs in one reliable platform. Create certificate training programs for a wide range of continuing education fields--Business & Management, Health Care and Health Care Policy, Education, Technology & Security, Marketing & Communications, among many others.

  • Create standardized CE courses (e.g., Strategic Leadership, Health Care Administration, Hospitality, Medical Billing) and extend your department’s online offerings.
  • Migrate your internal departmental trainings to a single platform.
  • Expand your online school of continuing education.
  • Administer your CE courses on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

A Highly Efficient Learning Management System for Universities

In just a few steps, migrate your course content to a flexible and dynamic multimedia environment while maintaining the same high standards for rigor and quality.

  • Quickly drag and drop rich multimedia content (e.g., video lectures, PowerPoint presentations) into your trainings or continuing education courses.
  • Track user engagement statistics such as percentage of video watched.
  • Intuitive scoring features (e.g., total point, percentage, weighted scoring) for comprehensive assessments.
  • Enable course module retakes, ensuring your students meet minimum standards.

Top University LMS - Designed for Academics

Our intuitive and user friendly interface was designed specifically for academics, ensuring adoption and a smooth transition to your university LMS.

  • No advanced technical training required.
  • Create your continuing education courses following a clear, stepwise approach.
  • Easily duplicate courses for different sections or audiences.
  • The only university LMS uniquely designed for your continuing education needs.


Drag and Drop

Our drag-and-drop features make it easy to quickly design content and move it around as needed.

  • Easily reorder content or course modules.
  • Add media instantly.

Multiple Scoring Options

Set up different scoring options, such as percentage or total point, based on your needs.

  • Utilize a weighted scoring method to make parts of your course worth more than other parts.
  • Create an exam with total point scoring.

Timed Testing

Set a time limit for your training program.

  • Open course/exam on a specific date.
  • Restrict access after a specified date.


We're here to help. If you run into any problems at all, feel free to email us and we'd love to talk personally about how we can help.

Q: Can I charge students for courses with this university LMS?

A: Yes! Contact us to discuss an Enterprise account with an eCommerce integration.

Q: Can this university learning management system host large video files?

A: Yes, upload large HD video files directly from your computer or embed links to videos from YouTube or Vimeo.

Q: Does this LMS support course retakes?

A: Yes! Allow students to retake modules as many times as you would like until they pass!

Q: How user-friendly is this university LMS?

A: At certcentral, we pride ourselves on our simple, intuitive interface. Seamlessly build courses, train students or faculty, and send custom completion certificates.

Q: Can this university learning management system support faculty trainings within my department?

A: Yes. Build trainings to ensure faculty and staff compliance with state/federal regulations and/or institutional policies.

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