Continuing medical education software and solutions.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

CertCentral is a development platform for CME. Ensure your staff are competent in clinical protocols and best-practice guidelines.

CME Software to Track Benchmark Competencies

In the clinical world, remaining up to date on clinical protocols and research on best practices can be daunting. Our easy-to-use CME software helps you to streamline staff trainings and certifications.

  • Track certifications for your nursing staff (NAs, RNs, LPNs, NPs), physician assistants (PAs), or other health care professionals.
  • Remain current with deadlines and quickly determine which certificates require renewal.
  • Ensure employees meet benchmark competencies.
  • Easily distribute large-scale training programs.

The CME Solution for Health Care Professionals

CertCentral is a CME application that can be used to instantly create comprehensive continuing education courses reflective of the latest advances in clinical practice. Incorporate several types of content: text, video files, images, and attachments. Ensure staff have met institutional standards.

  • Replace paper-and-pencil trainings.
  • Easily duplicate, revise, and reuse courses for different departments.
  • Conduct self-studies for accrediting bodies.
  • Maintain accreditation with national agencies: AMA, ANA, APA, NASW, among many others.

Affordable CME Exam Software

Are you conducting an in-person training or seminar? Allow staff to complete an exam on their mobile device or tablet post-training. Our CME software offers cross-device compatibility, ensuring your trainings can be completed anywhere--in office, at home, or on the go.

  • Reduce administrative and personnel costs.
  • A mobile-friendly CME solution.
  • Create rigorous assessments with robust scoring options.
  • Set time limits and completion dates.


Drag and Drop

Our drag-and-drop features make it easy to quickly design content and move it around as needed.

  • Easily reorder content or course modules.
  • Add media instantly.

Multiple Scoring Options

Set up different scoring options, such as percentage or total point, based on your needs.

  • Utilize a weighted scoring method to make parts of your course worth more than other parts.
  • Create an exam with total point scoring.

Timed Testing

Set a time limit for your training course or exam.

  • Open course/exam on a specific date.
  • Restrict access after a specified date.


We're here to help. If you run into any problems at all, feel free to email us and we'd love to talk personally about how we can help.

Q: Does this CME software keep user data secure?

A: Absolutely! Our software’s communication protocol is encrypted by Transport Layer Security (TLS) to maintain data confidentiality and integrity.

Q: Can I distribute medical forms through this CME app?

A: Yes. Forms can be uploaded to courses for students or employees to download and complete.

Q: Can I keep access to trainings private on this CME software?

A: Yes. Keep registration for your training program private through invitation-only administration.

Q: Can this CME solution support my onboarding and compliance training needs?

A: Yes. At CertCentral, we provide a platform that can maintain both onboarding and compliance training programs.

Q: How user-friendly is this CME solution?

A: This online platform has a simple student and creator interface--easy to use for all ages.