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New Native Features For 2019

New Native Features for 2019

Your feedback is very important to us. It shapes our software to help you better meet your continuing education goals.  We worked tirelessly to enhance our software so that we could bring you a stronger user experience in 2019.

Below, we list each of our new feature releases.

CertCentral: New Features for 2019

  1. A Brand New Notification Center
  • Opt to receive email notifications when staff or students pass and/or complete programs.
  • Receive the attached completion certificate via email.
  • Find Notification Settings under the development section of your course or exam.


  1. Download Certificates
  • Now, in addition to an emailed certificate, students can download a copy within their course dashboard!
  • Administrators can also download student certificates directly on the results page by clicking “Download Certificate.”


  1. Preview Certificates
  • Now, get a sneak peek of your custom certificates before issuing them to students.
  • Click “Preview Certificates” on the Certificates page within your course or exam.


  1. Forced Video Watch
  • Ensure students or staff don’t miss a second of your videos.
  • Drag and drop Video from the design toolbox into the module builder and check the box on the left of “Must watch all video.”


  1. Forced Module Sequencing
  • Ensure students complete modules in the order you determine.
  • To enable forced module sequencing, do the following:
    • On the Course Scoring page, under the Module Settings header, check the box on the left of “must take course sequentially.”


  1. Minimum Time Requirements
  • Ensure students complete the minimum number of hours necessary to earn CE credits.
  • To set minimum time requirements, take the following steps:
    • On the Course Scoring page, under the Additional Settings header, check the “Enable Minimum Time Requirements” option.
    • Next, set the number of hours and/ minutes you would like students to stay in each module of your course.


CertCentral’s Minimum Time Requirement Feature


  1. Reissue Course Feature

Sometimes students need a do-over on their course; Maybe time runs out too quickly, the WiFi connection isn’t strong enough for streaming videos, or maybe they accidentally click the submit button prematurely. Whatever the reason, CertCentral just made it easier for you to reissue courses to students.

  • Once a course is reissued, the student can pick up where they left off and take the course over again.
  • Please note, if you make any edits to your program, students will be reissued the new version of the course and can start from scratch.
  • To reissue a course:
    • Navigate to the Invite Students page within your course of interest.
    • Click “Manage User” of the student(s) you would like to give a do-over to.
    • Finally, on the resulting dropdown menu, click “Reissue Course.”


  1. Preview Student Progress
  • View course progress in student profiles.
  • See how far along students are in your courses or exams.
  • Observe the answers they are selecting prior to submitting programs.
  • To preview student progress, take the following steps:
    • Navigate to the Students Section of the header.
    • Click “Manage User” for the student whose course progress you would like to view.
    • On the resulting dropdown menu, click “View Profile.”
    • Under the Details column of “Courses in Progress” or “Exams in Progress” click “View Progress.” A new tab will open showing the student’s progress thus far.


What are you waiting for? Sign in to access your CertCentral account, and start exploring these new features today!   

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