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Free Course: Essentials Of Academic Writing

Free Course: Essentials of Academic Writing

Let’s face it: Clear communication skills are vital. As there is an increasing reliance on the written word to communicate in the digital age, businesses and educational institutions are increasingly valuing competent writers. Surprisingly, the introduction of word processors and spell check has not led to an improvement in writing ability. There are still approximately 2.299 errors per 100 words, a rate that is stable across the past century of grammar studies (Lunsford & Lunsford, 2008). So, how can we improve writing skills? At CertCentral, we believe that concise online training programs can be an effective way to address key problem areas in academic writing. Lunsford and Lunsford (2008) found 20 of the most common grammatical errors committed by college students. Below are the results of their study.

Top 20 Grammatical Errors

  1. Wrong word
  2. Missing comma after an introductory element
  3. Incomplete or missing documentation
  4. Vague pronoun reference
  5. Spelling error (including homonyms)
  6. Mechanical error with a quotation
  7. Unnecessary comma
  8. Unnecessary or missing capitalization
  9. Missing word
  10. Faulty sentence structure
  11. Missing comma with a nonrestrictive element
  12. Unnecessary shift in verb tense
  13. Missing comma in a compound sentence
  14. Unnecessary or missing apostrophe
  15. Fused (run-on) sentence
  16. Comma splice
  17. Lack of pronoun-antecedent agreement
  18. Poorly integrated quotation
  19. Unnecessary or missing hyphen
  20. Sentence fragment

Considering these findings, we created a grammar course consisting of six comprehensive modules. Each module highlights key problem areas critical in proper academic writing. After each module, users are prompted to take a mini-test to reinforce grammar concepts. Modules include instructions on proper incorporation of the comma, colons and semicolons, apostrophes, and pronouns. Further, modules focus on fixing common errors such as comma splices, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and so much more. Why let these common errors continue? Contact us to download our free grammar training.

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