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Employee onboarding software made simple.

Employee Onboarding

The employee onboarding solution that saves your organization time and resources. Assess competency in critical areas and ensure employees are ready for their position.

Build Custom Employee Onboarding Programs

Design comprehensive employee onboarding programs that can be completed anytime, on any device–desktop, mobile, or tablet. Conduct virtual pre-employment trainings and streamline the onboarding process.

  • Create dynamic courses for specific positions or departments.
  • Clarify relevant organizational policies and reduce workflow disruptions.
  • Video integrations add a personal touch in welcoming new employees.
  • Acknowledge job readiness with customized completion certificates.

Employee Onboarding Software for Competency Evaluations

Our LMS allows you to create trainings unique to your organization and relevant to specific positions. Evaluate employees’ competency in job-related skills or in a particular subject matter.

  • Track employee progress throughout the onboarding process.
  • Customize scoring and set requirements for minimal competency.
  • Allow employees to retake course modules.
  • Easily export and print results for in-depth analysis.

Employee Onboarding Solutions for Blended Learning

Are you conducting an in-person training or seminar? With our LMS, blend in-person trainings with virtual assessments. Employees can complete post-training assessments on their mobile device or tablet.

  • Include multiple question types: multiple choice, true/false, yes/no.
  • Seamlessly integrate video content.
  • Create timed exams and set a required completion date.

Drag and Drop

Our drag-and-drop features make it easy to quickly design content and move it around as needed.

  • Easily reorder content or course modules.
  • Add media instantly.
features_dragdrop (1)

Multiple Scoring Options

Set up different scoring options, such as percentage or total point, based on your needs.

  • Utilize a weighted scoring method to make parts of your course worth more than other parts.
  • Create an exam with total point scoring.

Timed Testing

Set a time limit for your training program.

  • Open course/exam on a specific date.
  • Restrict access after a specified date.


We’re here to help. If you run into any problems at all, feel free to email us and we’d love to talk personally about how we can help.

Q: Is the delivery of course completion certificates automatic?

A: Yes! Simply create your program on set a passing score. Employees who successfully pass the program will automatically receive a completion certificate.

Q: Does this employee onboarding software support large file uploads?

A: Absolutely. At CertCentral Inc., we understand the amount of paperwork and instructional videos it takes to onboard employees. Upload pre-employment forms, large video files, or supplemental materials to your onboarding courses.

Q: Can I gain access to employee onboarding programs on the go?

A: Yes! Content creators and users can access courses on smartphone, tablet, or desktop, fast tracking the employee onboarding process–inside or outside the office.

Q: What video integrations does this employee onboarding software support?

A: Our LMS allows the hosting of large video files from your computer, or from major platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion.

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