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Continuing Medical Education (CME) For Nurses

Continuing Medical Education (CME) for Nurses

Attention Nurse Managers! Want to ensure that your staff are competent in clinical protocols and best-practice guidelines? Look no further than CertCentral’s learning management system (LMS) for continuing medical education (CME). In the clinical world, it is vital to stay up to date on new research regarding optimal nursing procedures. Unfortunately, many CME organizations lack a centralized means of monitoring staff trainings and certificate programs for nurses. At CertCentral, CME trainings and CME certificates for nurses are streamlined.

From now on, make sure staff do not fall behind on the latest advancements in best practices. Easily upload new guidelines or clinical protocols the moment they are published to CertCentral’s LMS platform so nurses can receive CME training, be tested on best practices, and receive a CME certificate. Ensure your staff have reached minimum competency in clinical practice areas. With CertCentral, easily administer full CME courses for nurses or, alternatively, administer CME exams after an in-person training. After completion of a critical CME training, nurses can receive a customized certificate from their respective nursing organization or CME program acknowledging competence in a particular subject matter, skill set, or nursing practice issue. Strive for benchmark competencies in your organization!

Certify Nurse Competence to Provide Optimal Care

If you are looking to move your CME certificate program for nurses to an online format, do so without compromising rigor. Incorporate text, videos, images, audio files, attachments, and any other form of multimedia into your customized courses to appeal to all types of learners. Ensure courses in CME for nurses have met institutional standards. In setting up CME courses online for nurses, set up mini tests after each course module and allow retakes of modules for difficult content. Additionally, customize scoring to best evaluate nurses’ learning outcomes in CME programs.

If you are looking to utilize CertCentral for its online exam administration and certification features, you’ve come to the right place. Supplement an in-person CME training or CME seminar with an online exam created via CertCentral, which nurses can take on their mobile or tablet device post-training. Cross-device compatibility makes the administration process seamless. Staff can take their exam anywhere, saving time and resources!

Interested in finding out how CertCentral can strengthen continuing medical education for nurses in your program? Sign up! We’d love to help you get started with a free trial. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’d be happy to speak with you regarding CertCentral’s streamlined process for conducting CME trainings and CME certificate courses for nurses.

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