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5 Tips To Increase LMS User Engagement

5 Tips to Increase LMS User Engagement

Are you familiar with the phrase “out of sight, out of mind?”  When it comes to LMS platforms, it is understandable that students or employees who are used to in-person trainings or in-person educational programs may not be as engaged with an online educational software.  After all, LMS platforms put more responsibility on the learner to succeed than do in-person trainings.  Now more than ever, continuing education institutions and businesses rely upon LMS platforms for their training needs.  Why?  In short, LMS platforms save time and resources.  So, training administrators are left with the following question: How can I engage students or employees when transitioning to an online LMS platform?

Engage Users Effectively With an LMS Platform

  1. Introduce Yourself and Instruct with Details.  Giving clear instructions to students or employees regarding how to enroll in the LMS platform and how to use the LMS platform prior to the start date of the training program is vital to increase engagement.  These clear instructions will reduce stress and make the LMS platform and you as their instructor more approachable.  Introduce yourself with a photograph and your contact information so students or employees can easily access you if confused by new material or the LMS platform itself.
  2. Create a Community.  If the barriers to understanding new information are too great, this may discourage individuals from participating.  Students and employees benefit from an online discussion group with peers where they can collaborate on projects and learn from one another when confused by new material.
  3. Respond Richly and Rapidly.  As an administrator, the more supportive and available you are to students or employees, the more comfortable they are coming to you for help and feedback.  When comments are given back in a timely fashion, and are constructive and clear, learners feel more confident in their ability to achieve success in the online program.
  4. Gamification Increases Motivation.  Adding a game-like reward system, such as a badge system, has many benefits.  A badge system entails an icon or certificate that is given after a learning goal is reached by a learner.  Blending an educational platform with a gaming mechanism improves learner engagement by making learning more entertaining (even for adult learners).
  5. Relate New Concepts to Real-World Examples.  Users like to feel that the new skills or information they are learning has relevant applications to their lives.  It is useful to integrate videos to display the valuable takeaways of the LMS training program.  Additionally, incorporating the latest research into your training program that highlights the importance of your training program aims will further motivate students or employees to actively participate for career or academic betterment.

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