The LMS for creating scalable continuing education and certificate training programs.

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The SaaS platform for online courses and trainings


Not your traditional LMS. Tailored and specific. Built for busy professionals.

  • A powerful feature set without the clutter
  • No extensive training required
  • Simplified set-up and quick administration


Plans that grow with your business and training needs.

  • From independent practitioners to large professional associations
  • Internal trainings or fully sellable courses
  • Trainings anywhere, anytime--on mobile, tablet, or desktop


Customization for all. Make your certificate reflective of your brand.

  • Easy certificate management, auto-delivery, and simplified record keeping
  • Ensure compliance and meet accreditation standards
  • Add your company logo, association information, and essential user data (e.g., license number) directly to certificates



Streamline the employee onboarding process.


Certify medical personnel or health care professionals in current best practices.


Create a full continuing education course or administer an exam after a training or seminar.


Ensure employees are certified in the most current practices.


Drag and Drop

Our drag-and-drop features make it easy to quickly design content and move it around as needed.

  • Easily reorder content or course modules.
  • Add media instantly.

Multiple Scoring Options

Set up different scoring options, such as percentage or total point, based on your needs.

  • Utilize a weighted scoring method to make parts of your course worth more than other parts.
  • Create an exam with total point scoring.

Timed Testing

Set a time limit for your training program.

  • Open course/exam on a specific date.
  • Restrict access after a specified date.


We're here to help. If you run into any problems at all, feel free to email us and we'd love to talk personally about how we can help.

Q: Can I send customized certificates for the online courses I create?

A: Yes, you can issue customized certificates with your company logo to students who have successfully completed your online course.

Q: Does this online training software support video integrations?

A: Yes, certcentral allows you to host large video files from your own device or, alternatively, post private or public content from major platforms such YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion.

Q: What file types does this online training software support?

A: We support PDFs, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and JPEG, among many others.

Q: Does this online course platform allow me to track if students have watched video content?

A: Yes, certcentral allows you to track engagement statistics, such as the percentage of video watched.

Q: Can I receive payments for online courses I create?

A: certcentral allows for eCommerce integration so you can collect payments for online courses prior to administration.

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A streamlined, state-of-the art online course SaaS platform

At certcentral, we pride ourselves on a user-friendly experience. Our exhaustive beta testing allowed us to eliminate unnecessary features that can crowd and complicate learning management systems, and design a strong and simple continuing education management system. certcentral is perfect for entrepreneurs looking to break into the online continuing education industry who want to deliver CE credits seamlessly. Instantly design, score, and administer continuing education programs. Students can complete their courses on any device. No other SaaS platform gets students and course creators into their programs faster.

certcentral’s online course platform is customizable.

Our Enterprise Solutions Team offers dynamic customizations to meet your training needs. Enterprise plans are perfect for hospitals, medical practices, health care groups, universities, or corporations. Our online course software offers flexible user plans, custom reporting features, eCommerce, and advanced technical support. Conduct trainings with a customized account designed to reflect your organization’s personal branding. Familiarize staff with your mission and company procedures. Allow employees the opportunity to learn new skills and provide comprehensive trainings that improve competence and job satisfaction.

certcentral is the online course platform for your certification programs.

Deliver custom completion certificates to students and staff on a platform designed to meet the online education standards of major professional associations. Add custom text to certificates (e.g., instructor name, state board approval number, CE units) and include your company name and logo. Certificates are automatically generated and sent to users who pass your CE program. certcentral is the best online course platform for continuing education, medical and health care trainings, real estate certifications, and employment-related trainings.